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A Very California Experience

Agave plants

We're back from our Thanksgiving road trip. We had a very California experience. We ate vegan frozen yogurt on Sunset Boulevard. We learned a new word: chipster (Chicano hipster). We got lost walking ten miles all over downtown Los Angeles. Do they still say nobody walks in L.A.? We saw lots of people walking. Hello! we'd say and people were mostly friendly and said hello back and offered directions. Others were crazy and didn't notice us at all, including the angry guy chasing after the babbling guy with a length of steel pipe. But that was okay. You can't always talk to everyone. On the 5 we saw rain and rainbows, snow, cows, and lots of different types of fruit trees. We listened to audiobooks.  Anne Lamott and Joan Didion had lots to say. David Sedaris and Kiese Laymon did too. 

Santa Cruz was cold and green and beautiful. The friends we were visiting there live in the hills of Aptos. Hiram was meeting Julie and Lesa for the first time. As he drove the winding road up through the hills to Julie's house, I expected to see Ewoks and he wondered aloud if she lived in a cabin with whistling dwarves and little birds that do housework. She doesn't, but there are squirrels and deer and joggers. They jump from tree to tree, pass through the yard, and make their way up and down the street. Lesa doesn't live in a cabin with dwarves either, but she does have stylish children. I didn't ask if they whistle.

Hiram in Aptos
Me in Aptos

Julie turned us on to Santiago Artemis's “No Time for Shame” on Netflix. "Every episode is about the shoulder pads." Then we wanted to turn her on to “La Casa de Las Flores.” Have you seen season one? Isn't it outrageous? A telenovela for the smart Gen-X Mexican demographic. It did feel a little slow and desaturated after Santi's many outfit changes, so if you're going to watch both shows, I'd recommend starting with Casa de Las Flores; then, when you're warmed up, move on to Santiago. 

Also, it's important to watch Casa de Las Flores in Spanish. There's an English version but with the dub you miss out on Cecila Suarez' staccato delivery. I wouldn't want you to watch the show without it.