Notes · · Mexico City


We're in Mexico City, in the notorious Roma neighborhood, trying not very hard to not stand out while trying not to look like we're trying too hard to fit in. You know how it goes.

Vampire inspired graffiti and shadow theatre in the Roma neighborhood

It's even gayer here than we thought it would be so if we come back, next time we'll be sure to do lots of push ups first so our chests will be ready and perhaps we'll also work on a time machine so our skin looks younger.

But we won't go for protein shakes and cigarettes after the gym. Which seems to be a popular workout routine here.

Some good news is that for the first time in my travels in another country I seem to have worn shoes that nobody looks down on. I have been wearing Converse sneakers for years, but this visit lots of other grown men are wearing them too, so nobody cares. I'm invisible.

While we're at dinner eating one of my favorite Mexican foods — Argentinian food — a fashionably dressed man in a geometrically patterned black-and-white shirt who seems to have 1985 on a speed dial app he keeps checking sits down at the table next to ours, blocking Hiram's view of another man wearing a sweater on his shoulders. Hiram confides he's always thought the sweater tied around the shoulders is a silly look, but when seated at the dinner table? And when it's 76 degrees out? It's really upsetting him. I have long known about the Mexico City Brideshead Revisted cosplay enthusiasts, but the strong feeling it provokes in Hiram is something I have never known about him.

Hiram engages in some popular local cosplay

Hiram improvises some popular local Brideshead Revisited cosplay.

Lots of things can bubble to the surface when couples travel together. It's healthy, you know?

Anyhow, we want to thank the man from 1985 for helping us enjoy our dinner with his line of sight prophylaxis but suddenly it dawns on us: What if he is Information Society and just wants some privacy? If so, we should probably respect that.

So we do.

Dreams · · Tucson

Aug 17, 2017

I had this dream about being on the set of an Annie Lennox video. The gist of the thing was: How can we show all of Annie's looks through the years? On a pitch black soundstage a parade of models dressed in Lennox's outfits from all of her videos walk up black stairs and assebmble on a stage with two levels. The models are only shown close up from the back. When all the Annie's are assembled on the two levels and facing the camera, they are show from far back so you can't actually see their faces, just the bright colors of the outfits. Showgirl Diva Annie is there and my subconscious has dressed all the other Annie's in colorful costumes she may or may not have actually worn over the years — the latter most likely as I don't think I have actually seen that many of her videos. That said, I'm very aware right away that I don't see Sweet Dreams orange hair Annie, but she's one of the last to take the stage. Perhaps it was in reverse chronological order? 

I can't help but think the video exists in some form already.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This). Chris Ashbrook, David A. Stewart. 1983

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This). Chris Ashbrook, David A. Stewart. 1983

Notes · · Tucson

Man in Motion

What did they play in dentists' offices before Saint Elmo's Fire?

Honest Stuff I Make Up · · Sonoyta


Sonoyta is a very old word meaning speed trap.

Notes · · Puerto Peñasco

Taco Tuesday Half Rhyme

We're sixty minutes into Mexico, sitting on the enormous terrace of our itsy bitsy, teeny tiny, rented room. Hiram has asked me to name my five favorite Pet Shop Boys songs. When I try to negotiate counting the entire first album as one song, we have to change the subject. There was an eensie weensie crescent moon when we started this that is nowhere to be found. Now we’re alone here under a black sky observing Taco Tuesday eating takeout empanadas with chimichurri, an Argentinian thing for which I am offering no alliteration.

At La Argentina Empandadas
Enormous terrace

Notes · · Puerto Peñasco


First beach day, 2017. All of Playa Bonita and Sandy Beach was covered with discarded plastic bottles and Doritos bags – typical but it still always bums me out and leaves me thinking the worst things about people.

Here's a photo of some festive and neglected garbage bins.

The festive and neglected garbage bins of Playa Bonita

The festive and neglected garbage bins of Playa Bonita

Did you know the Spanish word for industrial drum is tambo? I get a kick out of saying it because it's also the sound they make when you drum on them. ¡Tambo!

And here's to words that are fun to say, bright colors and finding the good anyway.

Honest Stuff I Make Up · · Tucson

The Zoo

Now reconciling my adult misophonia with a childhood anxiety brought on by the Dixieland jazz at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor birthday parties.

Music · · Tucson

Thank You

If you say you love music but never ripped your shoe and hernia mesh spasming to Voice Farm, I don't believe you.

Notes · · Tucson

Arnold Palmer

Hiram with beverage

Sometimes on Sundays, we walk to Rincon Market where Hiram orders an Arnold Palmer. Except he doesn’t call it an Arnold Palmer. He calls it iced tea with half iced tea and half lemonade.

Television · · Tucson

The Man in The High Castle

Are you watching The Man in The High Castle — that Amazon series where all the actors look sort of like other actors you're familar with?

Season One: Obergruppenführer Christopher Walken guy is contacted by the murderous bounty hunter played by someone you'll briefly think is Willem Dafoe. The Japanese trade minister is visited by Swedish Jeff Daniels. Not Julia Louis-Dreyfus wakes with a sense of hope about her missing daughter. Juliana is pursued by the man in the derby who for a moment there I thought maybe was John Malkovich. The antique dealer who looks like Kevin Spacey plans to profit from a dangerous scheme.

Honest Stuff I Make Up · · Tucson

The Song of the Mud Whistler

All but sleepwalking through our morning constitutional, the origin of an unseen bird's song eludes me. I wonder aloud if it might be the call of the common Mud Whistler, to which Hiram offers it was probably just the chili.


An asses ass… is all kinds of redundant.

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Honest Stuff I Make Up · · Tucson

What are you kids up to?

We’re glue-gunning the most colorful remnants of last year’s crushed egg shells to the sequins of tomorrow’s brunch bonnets which we’ve up cycled from Roman soldier skirt leather from yesterday’s crucifixion procession in the barrio. Christ may be the reason-for-the-season when it comes to winter holiday decorations, just remember to pace yourself because come spring you'll understand that Easter truly is to die for.

Wait a minute… Those aren't Easter Eggs!

Honest Stuff I Make Up · · Tucson


Just a note that we have officially entered a post-coulrophobic age. It is no longer necessary to preface links, memes, movie trailers, and other comic actor subject matter with disclaimers about one's own coulrophobia. It is now a given that anyone interested in being frightened by clowns also claims to suffer from the malady. 


Photo: MuCEM