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Iris Chacón - Caramelo y Chocolate

Qué bravas son las solteras. Dir. Tulio Demicheli. 1975

Her enthusiasm is immeasurable and I’m only guessing when I say her energy can be weighed in grams, but I will always be indebted to this song for teaching me how to say in Spanish my heart is beating so fast, which has come in handy.

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Popcorn/One More Chance

If you've been alive anytime in the last 46 years, you've heard the song Popcorn in one form or another.

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I am enjoying an early morning vigor that is rare for me when calendar driven forces pair the moment with a specific measurement of time and space whose namesake is Monday. Unsupervised sunbeams promise a cozy morning and lure me from the soft polyester safety and blunt grays of my lover’s hybrid vehicle. I stand in the dusty driveway, still in sneakers and the throes of a mixtape and cardio-induced flashback. I am here and this is now and I shall express my solidarity with an at times foul and unpredictable universe with a dark breath bestowed upon me by Saturday night’s pot of black beans.

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Nabiha Iqbal - Zone 1 to 6000

This one is touching me in all of those electric spots that have never stopped arcing.

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Sufjan Stevens - Tonya Harding

In Kingman, Arizona there is a man who looks much older than he is. His skin smells like beer and his clothes smell like the tar they treat railroad ties with. He picks a tiny music box up off a yellowed doily on a dresser and opens it. Sad music comes out and he smiles like he is happy.

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Thank You

If you say you love music but never ripped your shoe and hernia mesh spasming to Voice Farm, I don't believe you.

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Lazy Boy

Mutado Pintado's Lazy Boy is the sexiest song about a recliner I have ever heard.

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Happy Station

Ben Liebrand playing the original master containing all edits of Fun Fun - Happy Station.

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Babyman - Iron Man

Klaus, Chloe, and Parker Posey lookalikes come together in Instagram's first ever After School Special to introduce the new “Midnight Special” filter.