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Video · · Mexico City

Faces on posters, too many choices

Hiram does a little dance in front of Cine Tonalá on a wet morning.

Video · · Tucson

Two Liter Bottles of Soda

Lying in bed talking about the USA's brief love affair with the metric system. Hiram reenacts seeing the new two liter bottles of soda for the first time as a child.

Video · · Tucson

Wings, Diamonds, Pearls

A winged rider makes his way to the Prince Memorial Bike ride and dance.

Video · · Tucson

A Text-book of Free-hand Lettering

Artifact and Artefact. A treasured postcard in funky light: Orange banding from a fluorescent tube lighting a San Francisco Public Library Card Catalog art project postcard presented by collaborators Ann Hamilton and Ann Chamberlain, representing the card for Frank Thomas Daniels’ book, A Text-book of Free-hand Lettering.

Video · · Nogales, Sonora

Anyone Can Get Into Heaven