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Note · · Puerto Peñasco

Taco Tuesday Half Rhyme

We're sixty minutes into Mexico, sitting on the enormous terrace of our itsy bitsy, teeny tiny, rented room. Hiram has asked me to name my five favorite Pet Shop Boys songs. When I try to negotiate counting the entire first album as one song, we have to change the subject. There was an eensie weensie crescent moon when we started this that is nowhere to be found. Now we’re alone here under a black sky observing Taco Tuesday eating takeout empanadas with chimichurri, an Argentinian thing for which I am offering no alliteration.

At La Argentina Empandadas
Enormous terrace

Note · · Puerto Peñasco


Has the summer's novelty song happened yet? So out of touch.

Note · · Tucson

Everyday is Christmas

Disappointed a monsoon did not happen in my parts this hot afternoon, I distract myself by meditating on what Sade's 1985 single The Sweetest Taboo might sound like if interpreted by trained collies.

Note · · Tucson

Sunscreen & Puppy Spit


Covered in day old sunscreen and a smidgen of fresh puppy spit, I want to remind everyone ice water is delicious. It’s almost June.