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Stranger Things, Season 2

Missing from the Eggo, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Three Musketeers and other product placements in Stranger Things so far has been any reference to Mister Microphone. You know, one of the characters — I'm thinking Dustin — saying we'll be back to pick you up in an hour? 

It's not like it would be any more out of place than the Chicago detour. 

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The Man in The High Castle

Are you watching The Man in The High Castle — that Amazon series where all the actors look sort of like other actors you're familar with?

Season One: Obergruppenführer Christopher Walken guy is contacted by the murderous bounty hunter played by someone you'll briefly think is Willem Dafoe. The Japanese trade minister is visited by Swedish Jeff Daniels. Not Julia Louis-Dreyfus wakes with a sense of hope about her missing daughter. Juliana is pursued by the man in the derby who for a moment there I thought maybe was John Malkovich. The antique dealer who looks like Kevin Spacey plans to profit from a dangerous scheme.