Hello, I'm Richard Whitmer. I'm a web developer in Tucson and this is a site I've maintained since forever as a place to practice technologies I'm working with. Along the way, it has filled up with photos, notes, and other things. Have a look around, say hello.

Note · · Tucson


I'm concerned some of you still may not have seen tonight's sunset.

Tucson sunset viewed from Congress Street and Fourth Avenue

Photo · · Hermosillo

Wheat Paste Rex

Frank and his crew create made-to-order piñatas for events in Hermosillo, Sonora. He was kind enough to let me hang out at his workshop last week and learn more about his process while I learn more about mine.

Adding wheat paste to long strips of newspaper to cover a piñata mold
A covered piñata mold drying
Painting the face and eyes of the T-Rex piñata
Adding teeth to the T-Rex piñata
Completed T-Rex piñata dries in the sun

Photo · · Hermosillo


Soap dish from beyond the veil.

Soap dish portal to the más allá

Photo · · Hermosillo

Autumn Leaves

Tree leaves along Blvd Miguel Hidalgo
Leaves changing color in Hermosillo's plaza
Palms along Boulevard Miguel Hidalgo

Some autumn leaves in Hermosillo

Photo · · Hermosillo


Adding wheat paste to strips of tissue paper for a piñata

Adding wheat paste to the strips of tissue paper that will cover a piñata before it is painted.

Photo · · Tucson


Black and white photograph of Hiram rubbing away sleep

Photo · · Tucson


Portrait of Matt at Homer's annual pre All-Souls gathering this year