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The Monkey Painter

Tarzan de los monos 1933

“Tarzan of The Apes” is how you find me on one of my hunting trips through the “Salto Argentino.”

Look at the face you make because you smell but don't see me.

Memoirs of The Hunter "Monkey Painter"
Salto Argentino, February 11, 1934


Tarzan de los monos

“Tarzan de Los Monos” tal como me lo encuentre en unas de mis cacerias por el “Salto Argentino.”
Vedle que cara pone porque me olfatea y no me puede ver.

Memorias del casador “Pinta Monos”
Salto Argentino 11 de febrero de 1934

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Billy Eichner Wants You to Know He’s Mainstream

I am not an outsider. The persona of ‘‘Billy on the Street’’ may feel like an outsider, but Billy Eichner is not. I never let people tell me that I should be grateful for a crumb of success. There aren’t many openly gay guys in America who have had the success that I’ve had in comedy. I take ownership over the fact that ‘‘Billy on the Street’’ and ‘‘American Horror Story’’ are mainstream successes, and they should be seen as such, because there is power in the mainstream. What changes things is to be in the mainstream, to be Ellen DeGeneres, to be Will and Grace. Just because you don’t get me doesn’t make me an outsider. I feel like I’m at the heart of it all. Whether you come to the party or not is up to you.

Billy Eichner Wants You to Know He’s Mainstream

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Joni Trythall: Thoughts On Smartphone Emergency Access

I have to say I'm not a fan so far of navigating iOS 10. It just seems there are more clicks and swiping and clutter. Two clicks to get in plus navigating to the app I want whereas before there was only one click. If I want to play my music on Apple TV? Click, click, swipe up, swipe left, swipe up. 

It doesn't feel like an improvement. But, you know, whatever. Eat what you're given, eat what you get.

But what if there were more at stake? Like teaching a pre-schooler how to contact 911? This is an issue designer Joni Trythall encountered after the update:

My son is four and a half. He has an iPad and is able to use it like a pro. It truly seems instinctual. Earlier this year I had taught him how to dial 911 with my iPhone. He did well considering he cannot read yet but I was always bothered by how wildly difficult the entire thing was; young children needing to gain access to emergency services does not appear to have been a concern during the design process.

After the most recent iOS updates (iOS 10) he can no longer navigate into emergency mode. Why is such a critical action buried under an additional perfectly calculated press of the home button?

She shares her Thoughts On Smartphone Emergency Access

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A holiday from being human (GoatMan) 

Not all who wander on prosthetic cloven hooves are lost.

I tried to become a goat to escape the angst inherent in being a human. The project became an exploration of how close modern technology can take us to fulfilling an ancient human dream: to take on characteristics from other animals. But instead of the ferocity of a bear, or the perspective of a bird, the characteristic most useful in modern life is something else; being present in the moment perhaps.

A holiday from being human (GoatMan) 

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K nais

Like a lot of academies that stand as the guardians of language (see: the Academie Française), there is always some grumbling about Spanish tradition being lost to English slang when it comes to the inclusion of English root words in the dictionary. Dario Villanueva, who heads the academy, told the Associated Press that perhaps a better word for "selfie" might be the phrase "auto-foto."

But David Pharies, an associate dean at the University of Florida and author of "A Brief History of the Spanish Language," says these efforts at preservation can be futile.

The future of the Spanish language is looking a lot more like English

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Francois Robert has published a lovely book full of ears and the stories they have to tell.

Francois Robert: Heard


This is a project that I have been working on 
for the last 15 years. The theme “heard” is about documenting persons ears, then asking them to answer the question “What was the most beautiful and the worst story they have heard?”

It is a wonderful journey in the world of personal experiences from all kinds of people like actors, musicians, athletes, artists, firemen, salespeople, teachers, journalists, mothers and kids.


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The Telephone

Haha, let's take a minute or six to recall the anxiety inducing technologies of the past.