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Si las buenas familias

Si las Buenas Familias se retratan para consagrar su manejo de las formas y las apariencias, los pobres lo hacen para certificar ante sí mismos la existencia de su principal patrimonio: la familia. — Carlos MonsiváisMaravillas que son, sombras que fueron: La fotografía en México

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Elote Truck

Open door of a truck filled with corn on the cob
Sunlight on a truckload of corn on the cob

Elotes (corn on the cob) are sold off of a truck along Boulevard San Juan Bautista de Escalante.

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Annual Christmas Eve Haircut

Haircut at Eben Ezer

Annual Christmas Eve Haircut in the Hermosillo Beauty District. Fun fact: In Spain this tradition is known as The Running of The Chins and people throw tomatoes.

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The Sound of Music

  • There are few songs that could not be improved if only Klaus Nomi were still around to perform them. I think this every time I hear that annoying Sugar Pie Honey Bunch song played at a grocery store or the dentist.
  • Every day it's a new Christmas carol stuck in my head. Today, it's The Beach Boys' Little Saint Nick.
  • I'm sorry, now you hear it too.
  • And just what does the "ave" in Ave Maria mean?