Photos · · Tucson

Streaking in The Sun

Yellow daisies bathed in sunlight at the end of the day

We had joy, we had fun, we went streaking in the sun. These are some daisies in the Samos neighborhood, seen along the way during this evening's COVID-19 quarantine sanity walk.

Found · · Buenos Aires

The Monkey Painter

Tarzan de los monos 1933

“Tarzan of The Apes” is how you find me on one of my hunting trips through the “Salto Argentino.”

Look at the face you make because you smell but don't see me.

Memoirs of The Hunter "Monkey Painter"
Salto Argentino, February 11, 1934


Tarzan de los monos

“Tarzan de Los Monos” tal como me lo encuentre en unas de mis cacerias por el “Salto Argentino.”
Vedle que cara pone porque me olfatea y no me puede ver.

Memorias del casador “Pinta Monos”
Salto Argentino 11 de febrero de 1934