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Small Faces

Paper white against plumeria leaves

All the leaves fell off our plumeria. I kept them and by the time they had dried, the first narcissus of the bulbs I planted last month had bloomed. 

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Gone Out The Window

Where'd You Go, Bernadette. Dir. Richard Linklater. 2019

In this film we learn it's okay to take a detour and do something else you're good at. But if you do it for too long instead of the other thing you're good at, what you were doing in the first place, it will make you crazy.

If you watch the trailer, you pretty much have seen the movie. But you haven't seen Cate Blanchett acting for two hours in something you haven't seen her in before. I say this because they could cast her in the role of paint drying and I'd hope for a few more coats.

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Si las buenas familias

Si las Buenas Familias se retratan para consagrar su manejo de las formas y las apariencias, los pobres lo hacen para certificar ante sí mismos la existencia de su principal patrimonio: la familia. — Carlos MonsiváisMaravillas que son, sombras que fueron: La fotografía en México

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Elote Truck

Open door of a truck filled with corn on the cob
Sunlight on a truckload of corn on the cob

Elotes (corn on the cob) are sold off of a truck along Boulevard San Juan Bautista de Escalante.

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Annual Christmas Eve Haircut

Haircut at Eben Ezer

Annual Christmas Eve Haircut in the Hermosillo Beauty District. Fun fact: In Spain this tradition is known as The Running of The Chins and people throw tomatoes.