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The Monkey Painter

Tarzan de los monos 1933

“Tarzan of The Apes” is how you find me on one of my hunting trips through the “Salto Argentino.”

Look at the face you make because you smell but don't see me.

Memoirs of The Hunter "Monkey Painter"
Salto Argentino, February 11, 1934


Tarzan de los monos

“Tarzan de Los Monos” tal como me lo encuentre en unas de mis cacerias por el “Salto Argentino.”
Vedle que cara pone porque me olfatea y no me puede ver.

Memorias del casador “Pinta Monos”
Salto Argentino 11 de febrero de 1934

Photos · · Buenos Aires

Tango at La Glorieta

Couple dancing tango

There is no shortage of places to see tango staged for tourists in Buenos Aires, but La Glorieta is a large gazebo in an urban setting where locals go to dance for themselves.

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Now we know

Tulips on a table next to a window

Now we know all the colors of the tulips in that bag of bulbs we planted in December.

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Bossy Kitsch

When did kitsch get to be so bossy?

Bossy butter dish. Bossy platter. Bossy serving spoon.

Bossy butter dish, bossy platter, bossy serving spoon. Not pictured: bossy mug and cereal bowl.

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‘Sup, Buttercup?

Dried safflower blossoms, a cut ranunculus, and an anthurium leaf cutting atop the dresser

'Sup, Buttercup? Dried safflower blossoms, a cut ranunculus, and an anthurium leaf atop the dresser this morning, reminding me it's a sunny day.