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Now we know

Tulips on a table next to a window

Now we know all the colors of the tulips in that bag of bulbs we planted in December.

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Bossy Kitsch

When did kitsch get to be so bossy?

Bossy butter dish. Bossy platter. Bossy serving spoon.

Bossy butter dish, bossy platter, bossy serving spoon. Not pictured: bossy mug and cereal bowl.

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‘Sup, Buttercup?

Dried safflower blossoms, a cut ranunculus, and an anthurium leaf cutting atop the dresser

'Sup, Buttercup? Dried safflower blossoms, a cut ranunculus, and an anthurium leaf atop the dresser this morning, reminding me it's a sunny day.

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Small Faces

Paper white against plumeria leaves

All the leaves fell off our plumeria. I kept them and by the time they had dried, the first narcissus of the bulbs I planted last month had bloomed. 

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Gone Out The Window

Where'd You Go, Bernadette. Dir. Richard Linklater. 2019

In this film we learn it's okay to take a detour and do something else you're good at. But if you do it for too long instead of the other thing you're good at, what you were doing in the first place, it will make you crazy.

If you watch the trailer, you pretty much have seen the movie. But you haven't seen Cate Blanchett acting for two hours in something you haven't seen her in before. I say this because they could cast her in the role of paint drying and I'd hope for a few more coats.