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Small Faces

Paper white against plumeria leaves

All the leaves fell off our plumeria. I kept them and by the time they had dried, the first narcissus of the bulbs I planted last month had bloomed. 

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Gone Out The Window

Where'd You Go, Bernadette. Dir. Richard Linklater. 2019

In this film we learn it's okay to take a detour and do something else you're good at. But if you do it for too long instead of the other thing you're good at, what you were doing in the first place, it will make you crazy.

If you watch the trailer, you pretty much have seen the movie. But you haven't seen Cate Blanchett acting for two hours in something you haven't seen her in before. I say this because they could cast her in the role of paint drying and I'd hope for a few more coats.

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Si las buenas familias

Si las Buenas Familias se retratan para consagrar su manejo de las formas y las apariencias, los pobres lo hacen para certificar ante sí mismos la existencia de su principal patrimonio: la familia. — Carlos MonsiváisMaravillas que son, sombras que fueron: La fotografía en México

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The Sound of Music

  • There are few songs that could not be improved if only Klaus Nomi were still around to perform them. I think this every time I hear that annoying Sugar Pie Honey Bunch song played at a grocery store or the dentist.
  • Every day it's a new Christmas carol stuck in my head. Today, it's The Beach Boys' Little Saint Nick.
  • I'm sorry, now you hear it too.
  • And just what does the "ave" in Ave Maria mean?

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Porch Party Light


A Sunday sunset streams through trees at the end of a December day.

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Greasy Spoon Mind Trick

Every time it rains, the yard grows a fuzzy green, like a chia pet. It's all weeds but it's kind of pretty until the weeds get taller and start looking like themselves and then out come the gloves, the rake, and the podcasts.

Lately, I've gotten in the habit of tidying up the yard on Saturday mornings. I get up early and listen to podcasts while I'm doing it. Often, the yard doesn't actually need work, but I want to listen to my programs so there I am with my earphones in, raking, pruning, potting. It's one of those things where you combine something you don't like doing with something you enjoy to trick your brain into thinking you're having fun. Like when we had to go the laundromat on Saturday mornings, we'd stop at Frank's Diner for breakfast on the way, so our brains didn't think we were doing laundry. Our brains thought we were eating pancakes. At least at first. By Friday, we'd even stop saying "You know what we have to do this weekend? The L word." The L word being what we called the unmentionable thing we didn't like doing at the laundromat on Saturday mornings. But by Friday night we'd have stopped saying that and we'd be talking about tomorrow's breakfast at Frank's. 

Breakfast at Frank's Diner

Morning light at Frank's