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Wood Pile Geometry

Today makes my back hurt just thinking about it. We have started building our raised garden beds. I was feeling pretty good about the weekend-long effort, then Hiram said something about geometry and the square footage we’ll have for plants when we’re finished being less than I thought. How can four smaller beds using all of the same pile of the wood we had be less than our original plans for two bigger beds not using everything? The answer is: Whatever. I’m still stoked.

Hiram sanding boards supported on sawhorses

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Streaking in The Sun

Yellow daisies bathed in sunlight at the end of the day

We had joy, we had fun, we went streaking in the sun. These are some daisies in the Samos neighborhood, seen along the way during this evening's COVID-19 quarantine sanity walk.

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Now we know

Tulips on a table next to a window

Now we know all the colors of the tulips in that bag of bulbs we planted in December.

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Bossy Kitsch

When did kitsch get to be so bossy?

Bossy butter dish. Bossy platter. Bossy serving spoon.

Bossy butter dish, bossy platter, bossy serving spoon. Not pictured: bossy mug and cereal bowl.

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‘Sup, Buttercup?

Dried safflower blossoms, a cut ranunculus, and an anthurium leaf cutting atop the dresser

'Sup, Buttercup? Dried safflower blossoms, a cut ranunculus, and an anthurium leaf atop the dresser this morning, reminding me it's a sunny day.